Society Without God?

In assessing the damage bringing Europe and all the world to ruin, Cardinal Pié exhorts his flock and reminds them that man cannot fully remove himself from God’s governance. In trying to foolishly emancipate himself from God, man builds a society which is no society at all. To pretend that such a foolish thing can be achieved is the problem itself. Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite (Liberty, Equality and Fraternity) are masonic principles which have permeated the new age. The Pious Statesman elaborates:

The main error, the capital crime of this century is the pretension of withdrawing public society from the government and the law of God… The principle laid at the basis of the whole modern social structure is atheism of the law and of the institutions. Let it be disguised under the names of abstention, neutrality, incompetence or even equal protection, let us even go to the length of denying it by some legislative dispositions for details or by accidental and secondary acts: the principle of the emancipation of the human society from the religious order remains at the bottom of things; it is the essence of what is called the new era.

(Cardinal Pié, Pastoral Works, vol. VII, pp. 3, 100)