All Saints Day 1885 – Immortale Dei | Leo XIII

Leo XIII ImmortaleDear Pope Leo XIII,

You were tireless in admonishing us as to our Christian duties. Your long reign as Sovereign Pontiff was a blessing which God willed upon us in such a time that saw many adverse and pernicious temporal changes. Guised as truth, pernicious errors have found their way into the homes, schools and even the Church. Thus, today’s society of Catholics have long forgotten the soul saving words which you wrote to us on many occasions, especially on the Feast of All Saints one hundred and twenty nine years ago. If your words rang true then, they ring ever truer now, especially in these times of upheaval of the moral, social and political order.

With your words as comfort and sweet ardour to our souls, we implore our Lord to deliver us, ignorant as we are, from these times of confusion and carnage by invigorating us with the desire to fulfill our Christian duties.

And as we pray, we would be remiss if we were not to ask for the assistance of Our Dear Blessed Mother. We ask that Our Lady cover us with her mantle as she once covered Our Lord in order that he may be hid from the terror of Herod. That in so doing, those desirous to send us into perdition with their promotion of errors may never succeed.

May Our Lady keep us from being servants to the errors of modernism, especially one of the most pernicious errors–Religious Liberty–which is today taught from various pulpits. For as the Church has always taught, the only One and True religion is that which is found in the Church of Jesus Christ which is the Catholic Church.

All these we ask through Our Lord Jesus Christ.



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